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1st Choice Home Inspections was founded in Knoxville by Tommy Kirby, a home inspector since 2002. Since that time his team of home inspectors has inspected thousands of homes right here in East Tennessee. With more than 15 years of full-time experience, Tommy is one of the most experienced home inspectors in Knoxville.

David Trent joined the 1st Choice Home Inspections team in the summer of 2015. With the addition of David, our business continues to grow and provide the best home inspection services in the area.

1st Choice Home Inspections is licensed, trained, and certified to offer a number of services including mold inspections, radon testing, well-water testing, asbestos testing, and External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) inspections.

Home buyers trust us to provide honest and detailed evaluations of the property they are considering, and that is what we strive to deliver. We guarantee every inspection because we want you to be satisfied with the work we do.

To learn more about Tommy, please visit the Meet Tommy page. To learn more about the home inspection services provided by 1st Choice Home Inspections, please peruse our website.

More Than 100 “A” Reviews on Angie’s List

1st Choice Home Inspections' Angie's List Reviews

1st Choice Home Inspections has received the prestigious “Super Service Award” for the last five years, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. We work hard to take care of our clients, and we appreciate the excellent reviews on Angie’s List.

Professional Home Inspection Services

  • Nashville and Knoxville Buyer's Home Inspections - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

Buyer’s Home Inspections

Choosing the right home inspector is as important as choosing the right house. Why? Because choosing the wrong inspection service could lead to buying the wrong house.

Every house has unique characteristics, just like the people who buy them. When people set out to purchase a new home, they search for the one that looks good and feels right from the moment they walk in the door. They want to feel at home and they “just know” when they have found the right one.

Sometimes looks and feelings are deceiving. Don’t let the joy of moving into a new home be undermined by faulty wiring, poor plumbing, or mold. The home inspectors at 1st Choice Home Inspections wants to be the one you trust to help you protect your number one investment.

  • Sellers Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, Tommy Kirby, Knoxville, TN

Seller’s Home Inspections

Are you preparing to sell your home? You may want to consider having 1st Choice Home Inspections perform a seller's home inspection before you put it on the market. Like others, you may never have heard of the seller inspecting their own home before placing it for sale. Well, you are not alone. However, seller's home inspections are becoming more popular in the real estate world; let me tell you why.

Traditionally, after a seller receives an offer on their home from a buyer, the potential purchaser will order and pay for a home inspection. The inspector represents the buyer and will report to them all that they find “wrong” with your home, giving them an advantage in the negotiations. When you perform a seller's home inspection before you list it, you know going in what the issues are and can take care of them.

  • Mold Inspection & Testing, Nashville and Knoxville - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

Mold Testing & Inspections

1st Choice Home Inspections offers independent mold testing in Knoxville (East Tennessee) and Nashville (Middle Tennessee). Our mold inspections and mold testing are completely independent. We do not perform any mold cleanup or remediation work.

Normally, surprises are not good in real estate transactions. Don’t allow a surprise mold infestation keep you from selling your home or from buying one. Protect your investment by checking for mold, and if present, take care of it. A mold inspection is normally quick and the mold testing results are returned sometimes on the same day.

  • Professional Radon Testing by Certified Radon Inspector, Tommy Kirby

Radon Testing

In 1900, radon became the fifth radioactive element discovered. Radon is a naturally occurring element that is produced by the radioactive decay of radium 226, which can be found in many types of ores, stones and rocks, all common to the terrain of Tennessee.

Radon gas was not a known problem for homeowners until 1985. An engineer working at a nuclear power plant was found to be contaminated by radon. Stringent testing of employees at the entrance to the facility identified the problem and then found the source.

Radon is considered dangerous and life threatening. Radon is estimated to kill 20,000 or more people per year.

  • Well Water Testing, Nashville and Knoxville - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

Well Water Testing

Well water testing should be done annually, usually in the Spring, but anytime is fine. Many homes in and around Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee have their own water wells. While well water can be among the highest quality water in the world, sometimes it is not fit to drink, even though it looks and tastes pure.

Having your well water tested is more than just a good idea. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends having well water tested annually for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. These and other harmful things can get into your water supply and cause many different types of sickness to those who drink it.

  • Asbestos Inspection & Testing, Nashville and Knoxville - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

Asbestos Testing & Inspection

Many years ago, manufacturers added this mineral fiber to a diverse range of products to give it strength and added resistance to heat and fire. This fiber is called asbestos, and it can only be correctly identified under the lens of a special microscope.

Building materials frequently contained asbestos due to the tremendous benefits it provided. Some of the benefits included its sound absorption capabilities, its chemical, fire and heat resistance, and the fact that it was inexpensive to produce. Put all of these together and you had a popular product, and it was installed all over the place.

  • EIFS Inspections, Nashville and Knoxville - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) Inspections

EIFS is an external finishing system commonly found on buildings in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee. Special training, certification, and equipment are all needed to inspect this type of material properly, and the home inspectors at 1st Choice Home Inspections are both qualified and experienced to perform EIFS inspections.

EIFS was developed in Europe after World War II as an exterior insulation system, primarily for homes with masonry walls. Masonry walls are fine for strength and durability, but masonry doesn’t provide space for insulation like a traditional home built in America. Adding insulation to the inside of the house was not practical, so a process was invented to add insulation to the outside of the house. EIFS was born.

  • Home Inspection Process and Equipment, Nashville and Knoxville - 1st Choice Home Inspections; Home Inspectors

Home Inspection Process & Equipment

1st Choice Home Inspections is a professional home inspection company based in Knoxville, Tennessee with an office in Nashville. We are experienced, trained, and credentialed to inspect your home the proper way, the very first time. If you have never purchased a home, and this is your first time going through the process, our inspectors will be there to help you understand what you need to know.

If you have a question about the home inspection process & equipment used to complete a home inspection, you have come to the right place.

Nashville & Knoxville Home Inspection Blog

Our job as home inspectors begins and ends with quality, accurate information for our clients. As a home buyer or seller, you want and need relevant information from your home inspector. With this in mind, we created a blog to help you sort through the mass of data out there. All of our articles are original to our website. They are written by our staff and reviewed by our owner, Tommy Kirby for accuracy.

  • InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee | 1st Choice Home Inspections | Knoxville & Nashville TN

InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee

KNOXVILLE, TN -Buy your home with confidence knowing that if our 1st Choice Home Inspections inspector misses anything during our inspection, InterNACHI will buy back your home for the full purchase price.

That's right! When you notify 1st Choice Home Inspections that you want to participate in this program you can relax knowing your home is backed by the buy back guarantee.

  • Should Your Home Be Tested For Mold? | 1st Choice Home Inspections |

Does My Home Need to be Tested for Mold?

KNOXVILLE, TN - Mold Testing. It sounds serious - and expensive. No one wants mold in their house, but sometimes it's better to just ignore it, right? I think you know the answer to that. Ignoring a problem only makes it worse and more expensive in the long run.

Having a professional mold test done is probably less expensive than you think, and if you do have mold, the clean up can be less expensive when you deal with it early on. Ignorance is not bliss.

Tennessee has seen a tremendous amount of rain over the past few months, making mold more of a problem than it is normally. Mold needs water, air, and food to grow, and when there is an abundance of water, it grows very quickly.

  • Tennessee Radon Program: The Only Way To Know Is To Test; 1st Choice Home Inspections, PLLC; Nashville Radon Testing, Knoxville Radon Testing

Radon: Do I Really Need to Test?

KNOXVILLE, TN - January is Radon Action Month in Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Health has put together a wealth of information about radon and the impact it can have on the health of Tennessee's citizens. Radon is a dangerous gas responsible for the deaths of more than 21,000 people each year in America.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Tennessee has above high levels of radon gas under its soil (see our chart). As much as 70% of Tennessee’s population lives in a danger zone. This deadly gas rises from the ground using any available route, and may enter homes through openings as small as pores in the slab.

  • 7 Things Your Home Inspector Wants You to Know | 1st Choice Home Inspections | Nashville | Knoxville

7 Things Your Home Inspector Wants You to Know

NASHVILLE, TN - A home inspector may save you a bundle by helping you avoid costly mistakes. No one wants to buy a home and then find out the HVAC system doesn’t work properly, or that the damper in the fireplace is broken. Don’t purchase a home without having it inspected first!

If you have never purchased a home before, you may have no idea what to expect.

As you prepare to hire a home inspector in Knoxville or Nashville (yes, we hope it is 1st Choice Home Inspections), here are seven things your home inspector wants you to know.

Video “Get a Professional Inspection” – HGTV

Are you unsure if you should hire a professional home inspector? Please take 2 minutes and see what these unbiased professionals at HGTV have to say about hiring a professional home inspector. Whether you are in Knoxville or Nashville, you need and home inspection when you get ready to buy.

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