If you’re selling your home, you likely have a lot of things on your mind. With the upcoming move, you’re probably trying to get all of your things in order and have yourself as prepared as possible to start this new stage in your life. Along with these matters, you’re also trying to sell your home as quickly as possible for the price that your asking. Among all of these thoughts and concerns, it’s unlikely that you’ve given thought to hire a home inspector. That’s for the buyer to do, right?

Actually, seller’s home inspections are becoming quite popular, and for good reason! Since our last post discussed the benefits of hiring an inspector for buyers, this time we’ll go over why you, the seller, should get a home inspection in Knoxville. Continue on to learn more, and contact us today if you’re in need of an inspection!

Fewer Surprises

Far too often, home sellers already have one foot out the door once they have found a buyer. They’ll begin planning for the future and put the past behind them, only to be shocked and disheartened to learn that multiple repairs are deemed necessary and more money must be spent. By hiring your own home inspection, these repairs won’t come as such a shock and you’ll know what needs to get done ahead of time.

Works With Your Schedule

Going along with what was stated above, by hiring a home inspector instead of leaving that to the buyer, you’ll have ample more time to take care of the repairs that might need to be done and won’t be stressed about your timeline. Your time is obviously important during this process, so by getting a seller’s home inspection, you’ll free up more time for the other items on your todo list.

Motivates the Buyer

By having the seller take care of the home inspection, the buyer will likely be more confident about their purchase. You’ll be letting them know that you’re being forthright throughout the deal, and taking the matters into your own hands. Most likely they’re already on a tight budget and with you already taking care of the home inspection, that’s less money that they’ll have to spend!

Higher Asking Price

We know you’re thinking that it’s great that the buyer’s don’t have to spend extra money, but what about you? Don’t worry, it can actually be financially beneficial to you! If the home inspection shows that there are no problems with the house, or that you’ve already taken care of the needed repairs, you’ll be able to bump up the asking price!

1st Choice Home Inspections

These are only a few of the benefits that come with a seller’s home inspection, and there are so many more, so continue to follow our blog for part 2 of this series! If you’re in need of a seller’s home inspection, or one of our many other services including radon testing, asbestos testing, and more, then contact us today to hire the best home inspection company in Knoxville and Nashville!